President Jonathan Alger – Everybody Sees Diversity and Inclusion As Part of Their Job.

President, James Madison University

"I think it's important to recognize that diversity and educational excellence go hand in hand, and that's really been a theme throughout my career and here at James Madison University."

With a legal background steeped in higher education and diversity, President Jonathan Alger of James Madison University quickly learned his passion was in combining the three fields. As he says in this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream: “I’ve always been interested in using education and knowledge to make a difference in the world. That’s what I loved about being a lawyer, frankly, is that you can use the tools of the law and legal reasoning to improve society’s responses to major issues and and solve problems.”

President Alger has taken that charge seriously at JMU. He has developed a wide number of initiatives; short, medium and long term goals with action and accountability at the core, to affect change and help the JMU students make a difference in the world.

February 22 2023

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