Brent Jones – There Are No Shortcuts, Expect To Take The Stairs

Director of Athletics, Troy University

"It's winning in every single thing we do. It's winning in the classroom, winning on the playing field, winning in the community, and winning in the stands. If we set that as the expectation, there's not going to be any shortcuts. That's what we're working to do here"

In this podcast episode, we interview Brent Jones, Director of Athletics at Troy University. Brent discusses his drive and enthusiasm for the programs they are building at Troy and the hard work necessary to achieve those goals. He also shares with us great advice for how he builds his coaching staff at Troy and what it takes to be a great leader. (Hint: It’s not as hard as you would think, but “There are no shortcuts”, he says. “We are going to take the stairs.”)

Brent is a 2013 graduate of the prestigious D1A Institute and a member of NACDA, ICLA, and NACMA. He joined the Troy staff from Southern Miss where he served as the Senior Associate AD for External Affairs. Prior to Southern Miss, he was Georgia Southern University,

December 8 2022

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