Carol Aslanian: The end of the classroom, and a future of hybrid-learning

President of Aslanian Market Research

“Data shows that we're going to have fewer differentiations between students in the future - it’s segmenting the population even more”

Carol Aslanian is president and founder of Aslanian Market Research. Established in 2009, the Education Dynamics company is a leader in higher education intelligence – assessing increased enrollment, in-demand programs, student satisfaction and more. Previously, Carol was chief executive of the Aslanian Group in New York City, which focused on assisting colleges and universities in the recruitment and servicing of adult students. In this conversation, Carol delves into the significance of higher education, and how it’s “something no one can take away from you;” explains the sector’s current data trends and predictions for its future, particularly an emphasis on hybrid and blended learning models; and gives her take on what students want from their College experience – namely a low price, and a job.

April 29 2021

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