Chancellor Kelly Damphousse – Understanding the value of a college education

Chancellor at Arkansas State

“There are few things more expensive than an unfinished college degree... Those who do [graduate], their lives are changed forever."

Kelly Damphousse was appointed Chancellor at Arkansas State in 2017. The Canadian native, the first in his family to attend college, knows first-hand the profound impact higher education can have on a lifetime. Prior to joining A-State, Chancellor Damphousse was at Oklahoma University where he was Dean of the College of Arts and Science. Accessible to all, his personal touch with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the A-State community is a Damphousse hallmark. In this conversation, Chancellor Damphousse discusses the changing landscape of college athletics; the growth of online instruction and the continuing importance of in-person classes – and finding ways to help students to understand the value proposition of college; and shares his thoughts on what “The American Dream” means and how a college education is central to that success.

October 22 2021

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