Chris Campbell: Creating meaningful change in education

Chief strategist at Duff & Phelps

“Education was exceptionally important to me, it was never taken for granted as something that I had to pay for myself, every dollar of it”

Chris Campbell is chief strategist at Duff & Phelps – a multinational financial consultancy firm based in New York City. Prior to this, he had a long esteemed career on Capitol Hill, and most recently served as the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Institutions. In this role, he oversaw policy and program areas such as government-sponsored enterprises, community development, and affordable housing policy. Chris is one of the few Presidential nominees in recent history to be unanimously appointed by both sides to such a significant role, and was named one of Congress’ most influential staffers seven years in a row. In this conversation, he shares how coming from humble beginnings, and at times being “episodically homeless”, education was important in shaping his perceptions of people and the future of the country; describes the many barriers of transforming education policy in D.C to create meaningful change, and shares his predictions and thoughts on what the administration can do to make college more affordable.

January 14 2021

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