Danielle Corbett: Why effective student representation in College is crucial

Student body president, Utah Valley University

“I’m a first-generation student and I felt that there weren't a lot of people who had the same experiences or attitude toward school as me”

Danielle Corbett is student body president at Utah Valley University. In her current position, she focuses on taking a systemic approach to combat social problems; centered around mental health, sustainability and accessibility to educational opportunities. Danielle is the first female student to be elected into the role since the 90s, and is proud of UVU’s mission to “come as you are.” In this conversation, Danielle reflects on being a first-generation student, and the people who inspired her into higher education; explains the significance of representation in student government, and how vital it is that all students feel comfortable and accounted for; and discusses some of the obstacles preventing young people from applying for College – namely a lack of education around financial aid, and concerns of accumulating student loan debt.

May 6 2021

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