Darcy Howe: Universities – ask your students about innovation

Founder and managing director of KCRise Fund

“College towns could keep a lot of the students who are innovators in their own backyard - they need to think about their own economic development, how they can connect the dots in their own city and keep these kids in town”

Darcy Howe is founder and managing director of KCRise Fund, a Kansas City-based venture capital firm designed to connect high-net-worth individuals and corporations with those in need of investment. She has served on the boards of multiple companies, with over 20 years’ experience as an angel investor, and a founding member of Women’s Capital Connection, who invest in women-led, early stage business. In this conversation, Darcy discusses the importance of Colleges in thinking about the economic development of their regions and how students’ skills can foster regional growth; describes the value of higher education in building long-term relationships as “a place where anybody can find their people.” Lastly, she argues “smart Universities will ask their students for help with innovation,” with students being more adept at breaking the old-fashioned mould.

February 5 2021

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