Davis Warnock: Higher education opens you up to a breadth of opportunities

Managing director at Mercato Partners Prelude

“The young generation and their families are sick of how expensive going into higher education is - so they start looking at the value derived from the money put in”

Davis Warnock is managing director at Mercato Partners Prelude, which supports entrepreneurs and experienced founders who are building deep customer relationships through product leadership and nimble execution. Before this, he was at the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) – the global community for middle market M&A dealmakers and business leaders focused on driving growth. In this conversation, Davis discusses the value of higher education in developing personal character and strengthening networks – opening individuals up to greater opportunities later on in life. He describes the huge financial commitment and pressures that going to College can pose, for not only the students’, but their families too. Lastly, Davis states the importance of previous  generations in providing guidance and encouragement to young people coming through turbulent economic and political times.

February 18 2021

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