Debbie Corum – A Time of Transitions

Athletic Director, Southern Utah University

"Watching them get their diploma and knowing that they succeeded in getting that education, it's the most fulfilling thing for me."

We are thrilled that in our first episode of Rebuilding the American Dream: The Student-Athlete Experience, we are joined by Debbie Corum, Athletic Director at Southern Utah University. As the first female Division I Athletic Director in the state of Utah, Debbie brings decades of insight into the ever changing role of the student-athlete. Our conversation ranges from the new NIL landscape, impact of title IX to her upcoming retirement and you won’t want to miss a minute of it!

Debbie has been athletic director at four NCAA Division 1 institutions: Stanford University, LSU, UConn, and Southern Utah University. Additionally, she spent 18 years in the SEC Commissioner’s Office, culminating with 12 years as the Associate Commissioner for Sports Administration and championships. 

June 22 2022

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