Dr. Gregory Washington – Finding the Right Paths and Highlighting Those Paths For Others

President, George Mason University

"I do believe that who you see at key points in your life, and what you see them doing, and the effect that that has on you, is an indicator of the kinds of things that you do yourself and the kinds of things you pursue. [We've] got to get out and show people what's possible, because if you cannot see it, you cannot be it."

Dr. Gregory Washington, President of George Mason University, could not have imagined during his childhood that he would have the experiences and opportunities that would lead him to now be the President of GMU, one of the largest public universities in the country. What he has seen, while reflecting on his youth, are the ways in which pathways were presented at critical times, ways lit for him by those who went before. Join us for this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream to learn more from Dr. Washington, but more importantly – his motivation behind all of his actions – “I feel that I have not just a mission, but A) a responsibility to a be that for others, as someone was for me, but B) put in place systems and pathways and initiatives and programs to as many young people as we possibly can, and ensure that they have somebody there for them.”

First generation college student himself, Dr. Washington earned bachelors and masters degrees and his PhD, all in mechanical engineering at North Carolina State University. 

January 25 2023

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