Dr. Jamel SC Wright – Uniquely Eureka

President, Eureka College

"A college degree actually only appreciates in value, especially one from Eureka College, because it's more than about teaching the technical skills, but it is about teaching the transferable skills that will last a lifetime."

Eureka College has a special history and looking forward, they are working on innovative approaches to enrollment, affordability and access. In this episode of the Rebuilding the American Dream, Dr. Jamel Wright, president of Eureka College joins us to share why that history and the future of Eureka College have been, and will continue to be, transformative to students, faculty, staff and the community – A Uniquely Eureka experience.

Dr. Jamel Wright is the first woman and African American to serve as president of the 167-year-old institution. While at Eureka, she has successfully led the effort to ensure the college’s financial health & stability, increase its endowment, and establish strategic community partnerships. Dr. Wright received a bachelor’s degree from Missouri Western State University, and a master’s and doctorate degree from University of Kansas, all in Communication Studies.

May 25 2022

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