Dr. Jared Tippets – Recruiting and Retaining Faculty, Staff, and Students: The ASCEND Model

Vice President of Student Affairs, Southern Utah University

"As students are successful and are retaining at higher rates, which ultimately equals graduation rates increasing, and in the end means we're changing more lives."

Dr. Jared Tippets, Vice President of Student Affairs at Southern Utah University, joins us on The Rebuilding the American Dream Podcast to discuss a universal challenge to all colleges and universities – retention. Addressing the retention of top faculty and staff AND students, Jared shares the ASCEND Model, the basis for a book he co-authored ASCEND to Higher Retention Rates: Practical Strategies for Increasing Student Retention, Completion, and Student Success.

Dr. Tippets earned degrees from Utah State University, University of Missouri-Columbia, and has a Ph.D. in higher education administration from the University of Kentucky where his dissertation topic was about organizational change in higher education. Prior to working at SUU, he worked at Purdue University, the University of Kentucky, University of Missouri-Columbia, and Utah Valley University.

May 18 2022

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