Dr. Jim Henderson – Leveraging Individual Excellence Towards Collective Good

President and CEO, University of Louisiana System

"What we have to do is create the circumstances where everybody else can do these things that have very significant impacts… Each [person] should feel like they have a role to play in the success of our students and the of success of our communities.”

Higher education institutions face many of the same challenges, but often work alone in finding solutions. In this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream, Dr. James Henderson, President of the University of Louisiana System, shares several programs and specific experiences where the UL System (a public, nine campus university system) has been able to come together and support each other, find solutions for collective problems and empower individuals to create larger system-wide impact – while still allowing each institution to best manifest it’s own mission.

Dr. Henderson has dedicated his career to serving the people of his home state of Louisiana. He has served as president of his alma mater, Northwestern State University and Chancellor of Bossier Parish Community College. Dr. Henderson holds degrees from Northwestern State University, University of West Florida, and a doctorate of management from the University of Maryland—University College.

December 28 2022

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