Dr. Mary Dana Hinton – Paving the Pathways to Higher Education with Access and Inclusion

President, Hollins University

“My job as the President is to see that potential in students and faculty and staff and to try to create an environment where people realize: 1) that they are enough as they are. And 2) that this is a place to think about who you want to become, on your own terms, and you'll find the support to be that person.”

In a truly inspirational discussion, Dr. Mary Dana Hinton, President of Hollins University shares her deep and abiding commitment to educational access, equity, and the education of women. Reflecting on her own experiences, Dr. Hinton envisions, and strives for, a truly inclusive and equitable growth experience for those at Hollins.

View Dr. Hinton’s TEDx talk “Leading from the Margins” here: https://www.ted.com/talks/mary_dana_hinton_leading_from_the_margins

Dr. Hinton earned a Ph.D. in religion and religious education with high honors from Fordham University, a Master of Arts degree in clinical child psychology from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Williams College. She also holds two honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degrees from Misericordia University and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

September 7 2022

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