Dr. Ron Shape – Meeting Non-traditional Students Where They Are

President and CEO, National American University

"Start with the student, understanding that particular student, then you step back and say 'OK, how do we as an institution support that student?'

The key to providing the best possible educational experience for non-traditional students is understanding who they are and the obstacles they are currently facing. For National American University, 75% of their students are low income, 68% are single, divorced or widowed, 47% are racially diverse, 69% female, 35% low income single parents, 75% low income households with children and 36 years old as the average age. As Dr. Shape shares in this podcast, a traditional structure cannot best serve non-traditional students and NAU’s infrastructure can.

Dr. Ronald Shape, President and CEO of National American University. ​​He began his career at NAU in 1991, and since then, he has held various leadership roles in different capacities and was named President in 2016. National American University, has more than 35 campus locations in 10 states and Dr. Shape has been successfully growing the institution throughout his tenure and launching the University’s “Service Center” education model and successfully took the company public to become one of only 14 publicly-traded, post-secondary organizations in the country

July 13 2022

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