Dr. Sean Creighton – Delivering a Purposeful Education Through Institutional Collaboration

President, The New American Colleges & Universities (NACU)

"We provide counsel to one another. We address issues that are right in front of us. We challenge one another to think about the future. Our campuses are allies to one another."

“How do we help [higher education institutions] thrive in perpetuity?” Dr. Sean Creighton asks in this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream. A key part of that answer, he believes, is in the support of and collaboration between individual institutions. At The New American Colleges & Universities, they are building just that: “A trusted environment that comes with bringing together like-minded, like-missioned institutions who are not direct competitors.”

Dr. Sean Creighton has been President of The New American Colleges & Universities since 2019. Throughout his distinguished career, he has developed major education and community partnerships, introduced innovative programming, and enhanced the reputation of the organizations he has served. Dr. Creighton holds degrees from Marist College, New York University, and earned his Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. He also currently serves as a principal investigator on research projects for the Kettering Foundation and TIAA Institute. 

July 27 2022

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