Dr. Stanton F. McNeely III – The Key to Leadership is Connectedness

President, University of Holy Cross

"In a small university community, to be connected with our students and connected with each other; connected in ways that we express care for the person. Whether that person is a student, faculty member, staff member."

Since his election to the presidency of University of Holy Cross in Louisiana in 2019, Dr. Stanton F. McNeely III, has led the university to great success through the twin challenges of COVID-19 and Hurriance Ida.

The key to this success, says Dr. McNeely, is the connectedness of the university to its students, to the campus faculty and staff and to the larger community. That connectedness can sometimes be as simple, and lifesaving, as a text.

Dr. McNeely, an undergraduate of the University of Holy Cross, earned a doctorate in Education from Northcentral University, and an MBA from Loyola University.

November 2 2022

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