Dr. Stephen Standifird – Helping Students Build Their Own Path

President, Bradley University

“We're redesigning the system around the needs and interests of our students. You've got to build in more curricular flexibility on that, and a lot of it is creating systems that allow for a multitude of experiences for our students.”

Dr. Stephen Standifird, President of Bradley University is an expert in organizational behavior, organizational design and change, and principles of management. His experiences with business and higher education are contributing to his success as President of Bradley University.

With an incredible team of faculty and staff, Bradley University is setting out to rethink almost every approach to higher education – from budgets to mentorship to enrollments and majors. President Standifird is leading first with not just a student-concerned approach, but student-centric and reshaping the university around the needs and interests of today’s students.

Dr. Standifird holds degrees from Purdue University, Northwestern University and a Ph.D. in organization studies from the University of Oregon. His interests in teaching and research include strategic management, power, and politics in organization and internal management.

May 4 2022

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