Dr. Timothy Mottet – A University for the People

President, Colorado State University - Pueblo

"In the late 1800s, Pueblo, Colorado was referred to as The People's Town.... When we talk about The People's University, it really has a historical significance to us. We want to remain true to our history and the people in the community who made this city what it is today as a result of a lot of hard work."

In this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream, Dr. Timothy Mottet shares a bold vision for CSU – Pueblo: To become The People’s University of the Southwest. That vision is focused entirely on remaining true to the individual students and the first-gen community at large. “Being humble and being a university that serves the people and that it is accessible and affordable… Also as a minority serving institution to connect students to a part of their heritage that is very important.”

Dr. Mottet is the 15th president of Colorado State University-Pueblo. As a higher education leader, he is recognized for designing innovative learning systems that allow all students to be successful. He has a record of success in developing high-performing educators, aligning people and processes to enhance organizational sustainability, facilitating and implementing strategic planning processes, and building consensus among diverse groups of individuals. Dr. Mottet earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from William Jewell College, a Master of Science in Mass Communication from Boston University, and a Doctoral Degree in Instructional Communication from West Virginia University.

March 9 2022

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