Dr. Walter Kimbrough – The Good News of Social Media in Higher Education

President, Dillard University

"I believe we're in a relationship economy... as you get to know people, you get connected. That's a part of going to college. It's not just going to class and taking tests... You've got to do the other stuff that makes it worth it."

Dr. Walter Kimbrough, President of Dillard University, has been recognized for his research and writings on HBCUs and African American men in college. Recently, he has emerged as one of the leaders discussing free speech on college campuses. Dr. Kimbrough is well known throughout U.S. higher ed for his social media savvy and has been featured in several publications highlighting his successes in engagement.

In this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream, Dr. Kimbrough discusses the paths to his success, his experiences at Dillard and especially the secret to his incredible success in engaging alumni, students and families all at the same time. Dr. Kimbrough will be retiring from Dillard at the end of this academic year. We want to thank him for his time and dedication to Dillard and continuing to improve higher education in his next chapter.

February 23 2022

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