Emily Hernandez-Alzamora: Financial barriers to Higher Education

SLCC Student Association President

“I want to be able to get through education without worrying about the financial barrier of doing what I want to pursue”

Emily Hernandez-Alzamora is student association President at Salt Lake Community College. A first-generation student of the school, she was elected in 2020 to “act as a bridge between the students and administration by representing and expressing the opinions and interests of SLCC students.” In this conversation, Emily reflects on how she was taught about the meaning and value of higher education from a young age; explains the impact the pandemic has had on College life, and the difficulties students’ have faced in pursuing their academic interests this year; and describes the financial obstacles posed by higher education, and how we all have to do more to make sure that every young person who wants to access it, can. 

April 1 2021

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