Ephraim Kum: Addressing the cost barriers to inclusive education

Student body president at University of Utah

“There’s a lot of opportunity to do things that matter and help people - this is the most defining part of my experience”

Ephraim Kum is student body president at University of Utah. Working on a major in political science, he was elected into the role earlier this year. A US immigrant who left Ghana aged one, he is the third Black student body president, and the first Ghanian-born president in the University’s history. His student voice work centers around affordability, transparency, connectivity and being able to “redefine the access students have.” In this conversation, Ephraim delves into his College experience so far, and the breadth of opportunity he’s been given in this; describes how Utah are adapting to the changing needs of its students, particularly moving towards a hybrid model of education; and explains why Government need to better prioritise higher education, with cost still being a huge barrier that makes the experience exclusive, rather than as it should be, inclusive.

May 25 2021

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