Gordon Drummond – Articulating the Outcomes of Higher Education and Skills Training

President, Sessions College of Professional Design

"We are very focused on the things that students can take away from the program at the end of the day... when a student is able to clearly articulate what they learned. That means they've internalized it and they're telling the world 'This is what I know now'."

As an entirely online institution focused on graphic and web design and digital media, Sessions College is in a unique position to lead out on online learning trends and technology growth. But they also spend a great deal of time developing how instruction happens and the importance of getting a student ready for the constant changing needs of the workforce. And, more importantly, helping students become “successful advocates of their own work, at the same time as being proficient.”

As President, Gordon Drummond is an educator and instructional designer with a passion for art, design, and technology. Gordon has extensive experience in school accreditation and holds a Master’s in English Literature from The University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Article about student art mentioned in the podcast: https://www.sessions.edu/campus-news/lefever-heritage-pasifika-art/

October 5 2022

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