Lindsay Hadley: Unlocking success with collaboration

Founder and CEO of Hadley Impact Consulting

“If some colleges had been more agile and entrepreneurial in embracing the technologies of our generation, they would have seen a lot of value - there is so much value in the access to the internet to receive education”

Lindsay Hadley is the founder and chief executive of Hadley Impact Consulting. The firm works with nonprofits, corporations, artists and influencers to transform great ideas into social impact using technological innovation, social movements, and world-class events. Early in her career, she facilitated humanitarian projects in Kenya, Peru, Mexico, and Thailand – raising more than $35m for her clients and leveraging billions for important causes. She was executive producer of ‘The End of Polio Concert’ and the ‘Global Citizen Festival’, and also launched FilmRaise, an online platform that connects filmmakers, charities, and viewers for social change. In this conversation, Lindsay describes how despite encouragement to be a “stay-at-home mom’, she was driven to college by her love for soccer – receiving scholarships which led to her becoming a Division I athlete; argues there is great value in online education, and that the pandemic exposed universities that needed to be more agile and entrepreneurial in embracing new technologies; and shares her concerns for the “looming financial crisis for US colleges”, especially HBCUs, and the need for colleges that understand students’ different cultures and experiences.

January 11 2021

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