Marie Sanderson: Putting education at the forefront of the public debate

Partner at Guidepost Strategy

“You can be what you want to be in the United States - certainly there are lots of benefits to having a family that has been to College before… but you can have absolutely nothing and rise to be a leader”

Marie Sanderson is a partner at Guidepost Strategy – a federal strategic consulting and government affairs firm assisting in message positioning, legislative strategy, issue management and advocacy. Starting her career in public service on Capitol Hill for Senator Thad Cochran, she then worked alongside Governor Haley Barbour as their policy director. Last year, she co-founded the MS 30 Day Fund, a nonprofit to support small businesses impacted by the pandemic. In this conversation, she describes the importance of College cities and towns’ in keeping the talent at home, fostering a stimulating job market that enables students to use their degrees after graduation; argues that policy is vital in bringing about sector wide change and to facilitate educational innovation; and explains why education must be nimble and move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to cater for a wider array of students.

January 21 2021

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