Nouman Kante: The cruciality of financial aid and adapting to new a College environment

Student body president at Southern Utah University

“College was a difficult transition for me… so I want to help other students to adapt into that transition”

Nouman Kante is student body president at Southern Utah University. He was elected into this role in March last year, and is currently in his second term. A business student, he completed his undergraduate degree in business and is now pursuing his MBA. His role is to act as a bridge between students and the administration, by representing the interest of the whole community. In this conversation, Nouman discusses his own experience attending College and the difficulties he found adapting to this new environment; explains why he was motivated to, and wants to encourage others to partake in student government; and shares the role scholarships played in encouraging him to attend College in the first instance, and the many financial barriers that still exist. 

June 3 2021

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