Peter Smith – Stories from the Educational Underground: The New Frontier for Learning and Work

Orkand Chair, Professor of Innovative Practices, University of Maryland Global Campus

"Today, increasingly we've become aware of the fact that as incredible a ladder of opportunity that [traditional higher education] is for millions, it excludes millions of other people."

Peter Smith is a former state senator, Lieutenant Governor, and Congressman for the state of Vermont. The founder of two institutions – The Community College of Vermont and California State University Monterey Bay, he also served as Assistant Director General for Education for UNESCO.

Peter has advocated for new models of adult learning for more than 50 years. In his new book, Stories From the Educational Underground: The New Frontier for Learning and Work, he once again challenges the practices in traditional higher education.

Looking through the eyes of a diverse array of adult learners, Peter Smith makes the case for the value of all learning and knowledge, regardless of where or how it was gained. This discussion around his new book is for educators, employers, political leaders and policy-makers at the state and federal levels and the general public because it wraps policy, practice, personal growth, economic security, and social justice into one compelling DNA.

You can purchase Peter’s book here.

April 13 2022

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