President Chuck Johnson – Corporate Partnerships in the Classroom and Beyond

President, Vincennes University

"[Corporate partnerships] have a way of building on themselves and I give credit to our great faculty and staff who deliver quality outcomes that help these employers bet on VU as their partner."

Vincennes University in Indiana has been able to create remarkable work-based learning partnerships, where the individual learners are getting both an academic credential but also work based experience. President Chuck Johnson has been at the helm of many of these partnerships, yet gives the full credit to his faculty and staff. He shares some of their many successes in this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream. “We have a faculty who are committed. First of all, to helping students be successful, and they’re committed to their craft. They’re committed to their field and they enjoy being innovative. They enjoy problem solving and they want to own their programs.”

President Johnson was appointed President of Vincennes in 2015, after careers in both academia and corporate worlds. He is actively engaged in workforce development efforts with leading manufacturing-focused organizations. A native of Washington, Indiana, President Johnson earned a Ph.D. at Purdue University, an MBA from Bowling Green, and a B.S. in Economics from Indiana State University.

March 2 2022

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