President Nicholas Perrin – The value of mentoring in higher education

President at Trinity International University

“If you do have a diverse campus and you handle that diversity well, that speaks volumes and should shape the conversation and the nature of academic freedom”

Nicholas Perrin is President at Trinity International University. Appointed to the role in 2019, he became the 16th President of the evangelical Christian university headquartered in Illinois. Before this, he served as Franklin S. Dyrness Professor of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College, and also as dean of Wheaton Graduate School for five years. In this conversation, President Perrin discusses diversity on campus – why it’s so crucial and how it can shape the conversation around academic freedom; explains how colleges are missing an opportunity to create “meaningful contact” for students through mentorship; and describes the United States as somewhere that people can rise “from the bottom to the top”, with higher education as a valuable safety net.


September 3 2021

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