President Thomas Hudson – The Communities We Serve

President, Jackson State University

"It just makes good common sense to be a part of the solution to issues that are driving some of the areas in the community you serve."

President Thomas Hudson of Jackson State University has spent his career lifting others up, from his time as a lawyer with a private practice with an equity based focused, to his current tenure as Jackson State University’s president.¬†Dedicated to the community that JSU anchors, President Hudson has described JSU’s role for students, employees, businesses, citizens as holistic. “This is being a beacon, if you will… To be a part of that solution to drive progressive ideas in in different ways of doing things, to help the surrounding community and make things better.”

Listen to this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream to learn more about what President Hudson and JSU are doing to fortify its mission to produce ethical and technologically advanced global leaders who properly address societal problems and compete effectively.


January 12 2022

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