Ruzwana Bashir: Access to education continues to be a barrier for many

Co-founder and chief executive of

“Degree Insurance, and the encouragement of people to finish school is really important… it’s all the intangibles, the friendships, the networks that open up future jobs”

Ruzwana Bashir is co-founder and chief executive of The award-winning platform is a one-stop shop to book high-quality activities, while also empowering tour operators to automate their business and grow revenues. Starting her career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, she then moved into private equity at Blackstone. She was also named in Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ and was one of Fortune’s ‘Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.’ In this conversation, Ruzwana describes how going to College and gaining many intangible skills set her on the path to success; gives her take on how the last year has transformed entrepreneurship – encouraging a mindset of innovation and experimentation; explains the many boundaries and barriers to higher education for many young people, and argues that we all have a part to play in making it more accessible for everyone.

March 9 2021

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