Ryan Tipton: Ridding of the educational bureaucracy that stifles innovation

Provost and VP, USW

“The field of education is changing, if we’re not careful students are going to question why they’re paying for something that hasn’t changed for hundreds of years”

Ryan Tipton is provost and vice president at the University of The Southwest (USW). Founded in 1962, the New Mexico based-institution is a private, four-year Christian University offering wide-ranging degrees both on campus and online. Starting out his career as an entrepreneur growing an oil company, he pivoted into education when he enrolled at Walden University. He later joined USW as Dean, before being appointed to his current position in 2019. In this conversation, he discusses how College bureaucracy holds institutions back from much-needed change and innovation; explains the changing educational landscape – and how with the rise of the internet, Universities are no longer the sole “gatekeepers to knowledge;” and describes the complexities of student debt, and how the decision of going to College must be best on the value proposition.

April 23 2021

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