Samyr Qureshi – Peer Tutoring for Today’s Student

CEO, Knack

"Destigmatizing tutoring, engaging those students that have historically been very hard to reach... Some of the outcomes we've seen are increases in persistence and completion rates, increase in student engagement. And a sense of belonging has become a very important facet."

“Tutoring is not a new concept. It’s something that institutions know can drive students towards better persistence and completion rates and student engagement,” says Samyr Qureshi, Co-Founder and CEO of Knack.

So what are Samyr and his innovative team doing to bring that traditional concept of tutoring into a new model – and have incredible success? Listen now to this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream as Samyr joins us to share more about Knack and their thoughtful approach to engaging with the post-traditional student.

Samyr Qureshi is the Co-founder and CEO of Knack, an app based company dedicated to helping students succeed by connecting them with their peers for academic support. As a first generation immigrant, he knew the importance of obtaining a college degree to attain a better future. Because of his innovative ideas, Samyr has been named on the 2020 Class of Forbes 30 Under 30, and as Tampa’s 2020 Emerging Tech Leader of the Year.

You can also learn more about Knack and how to partner with them through the links below.

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May 11 2022

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