Anthony Scaramucci: Creating a society of equal opportunity

Entrepreneur and founder of SkyBridge Capital

“The American Dream is still there, still burning brightly, but in certain areas of the country we have to reignite the flame”

Anthony Scaramucci is an entrepreneur and the founder of SkyBridge Capital. He is also the founder and chairman of Salt Conference, a global gathering that brings together leading investors, business leaders and thinkers to discuss big ideas in the world of finance, technology and public policy. He famously served as Donald Trump’s communications director for just 11 days, and is now a vocal critic of the President. Anthony is also the author of four books and host of the podcast, Mooch FM – where he explores the top news stories with the biggest names in media, business, politics and beyond. In this episode, he describes growing up in an “aspirational blue collar family” and how his perception of the American Dream has evolved; shares his experience and concerns for collective bias, but is optimistic that society will transform into a “platform of equal opportunity and outcomes”; and describes how discovering a passion, or “inner happiness” in your teen years is a “gift”, which should be taken with you into your working life.

December 17 2020

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