Jamie Boggs – Building Authentic Relationships

Vice President of Athletics, Grand Canyon University

"What it really comes down to is being present for the student-athletes, having that open door policy, letting them know that they can talk to you."

Jamie Boggs is nationally recognized leader in collegiate athletics, guiding the Lopes to competitive and student-athlete success. That success is all carefully built and sustained through a framework that Jamie calls the ‘Four Cs.’  These four pillars help Jamie and the entire athletic department build authentic relationships and guide everything they do – and are applicable to all industries. Learn more about the ‘Four Cs’ and Jamie Boggs in this episode of Rebuilding the American Dream: The Student-Athlete Experience.  Plus bonus a tip for anyone interested in working at GCU Athletics!

Jamie earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of San Diego and a law degree from the University of Arizona.

September 14 2022

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