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Nouman Kante: The cruciality of financial aid and adapting to new a College environment

Student body president at Southern Utah University

June 3 2021

Ephraim Kum: Addressing the cost barriers to inclusive education

Student body president at University of Utah

May 25 2021

Dr Beth Akers: The financial burden of College – when it doesn’t pay off

Academic, author & economist

May 14 2021

Danielle Corbett: Why effective student representation in College is crucial

Student body president, Utah Valley University

May 6 2021

Carol Aslanian: The end of the classroom, and a future of hybrid-learning

President of Aslanian Market Research

April 29 2021

Ryan Tipton: Ridding of the educational bureaucracy that stifles innovation

Provost and VP, USW

April 23 2021

Mike Nietzel: The current lack of confidence in the value of higher education

Former president of Missouri State University

April 15 2021

Michael Brickman: Ensuring students and institutions are aligned on their purpose and goals

Principal at Sheer Partners

April 8 2021

Emily Hernandez-Alzamora: Financial barriers to Higher Education

SLCC Student Association President

April 1 2021

Dr. Randy Pembrook: Higher Education is a force for public good

Chancellor of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

March 26 2021

Jeff Selingo: Innovation as a tool to improve Higher Education

Author & higher education strategist

March 22 2021

Salen Churi: Higher Education is a worthwhile investment

Co-founder and general partner at Trust Ventures

March 12 2021

Ruzwana Bashir: Access to education continues to be a barrier for many

Co-founder and chief executive of

March 9 2021

Johnny C. Taylor Jr: A degree can be an entrance into the game

President and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management

February 25 2021

Davis Warnock: Higher education opens you up to a breadth of opportunities

Managing director at Mercato Partners Prelude

February 18 2021

Burke Davis: The value of higher education to society

Partner at Sorenson Capital

February 11 2021

Darcy Howe: Universities – ask your students about innovation

Founder and managing director of KCRise Fund

February 5 2021

Marie Sanderson: Putting education at the forefront of the public debate

Partner at Guidepost Strategy

January 21 2021

Chris Campbell: Creating meaningful change in education

Chief strategist at Duff & Phelps

January 14 2021

Lindsay Hadley: Unlocking success with collaboration

Founder and CEO of Hadley Impact Consulting

January 11 2021

Chuck Staben: Providing access to education for all

Former president of the University of Idaho

December 22 2020

Anthony Scaramucci: Creating a society of equal opportunity

Entrepreneur and founder of SkyBridge Capital

December 17 2020

Dr. Elaine Maimon: Transforming higher education

Governors State University, University Park, Illinois

February 24 2020