Michael Brickman: Ensuring students and institutions are aligned on their purpose and goals

Principal at Sheer Partners

“If you don’t have a degree, sometimes you can’t get the experience and this keeps out a lot of qualified people”

Michael Brickman is a national policy leader and principal at Sheer Partners. The Washington D.C-based advisory focuses on guidance at the intersection of education and careers. Previously, he served as a senior advisor for the U.S Department of Education, and was National policy director of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. In this conversation, Michael explains how his experience in higher education spurred him on to improving the institution for the next generation, and his hopes to make it more of an enjoyable journey; describes ongoing disparities in student attainment and the impact this is set to have on employers being unable to meet their quotas; and shares how important it is for the purpose and goals of institutions to be aligned with the pursuits of the students that are attending them.

April 8 2021

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